Tuesday, April 27

Race For Life - Breast Cancer Research Charity

I dont actually have a clue who reads this or who doesnt, and what 'audience' this goes out too..
but i wanted to share this,

My mum is taking part in the Race For Life at Fontwell in June, and i want to see if i can help her get some more sponsers!
She is doing it in memory of her mum, whom died in 1996 of Breast Cancer aged 56. And this year (in June) it would be her 70th Birthday.. to which is why mum is doing it this year in aid of her.
(this is my nan - left)

I myself did a mini fundraiser last year for Cancer Research, i held a Disco type event with Raffles And tonnes of 80's musics.

I hope that who ever reads this, stops by the link and makes a donation, no matter how much big or small it all helps and it goes towards
Breast Cancer Research.

I will be posting the link over a few of my websites.. i really hope that we can help make a difference.


Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Saturday, April 24

I Love Astronomy

and i also love my new camera lol the other day i wrote about going out with my uncle to guildford to do star gazing, and well i blooming well went!! yes, i went all the way to guildford!! - difference is i had my uncle with me as he picked me up and drove me there and bought me back again, i have to say the journey there was long.. and went through the hills and valleys and it was gorgeous view - even watching what looked like a Kestrel or Hawk dropping down a mouse that they had captured from the sky! lol
It was an event that was created to help get people involved of many ages, and also people to bring out their scopes and give other people the chance to talk to them about their equipment etc.
My uncle had most people wondering around him and talking to him it was quite amazing really, i mean he knew so much and was able to talk about it as if he has been doing it for years and is like a professor at a school or something...
Here are some of the pictures that i took that night, this was on the 17th April at Newlands Centre in Guildford area.

We got to the place around 4pm, and started to set up - but i was mesmerized by the view i didnt actually help my uncle - oops!
The reason in which he wanted to set up so early was because he wanted to view the Sun.. yes, the Sun! you can only do this with the nessecary equipment and cannot do it with a normal lens as the lens is glass, and it could easily break the glass which would cause it to shatter etc.
But he did have everything you need to observe the sun, and i have to say looking through the telescope it looks like a white spot - there was nothing to be seen on the sun as nothing was happening, normally you can see Sun Spots and any other activity going on, but to be honest it was boring - even my uncle said the same! lol
During the course of the evening they had a projection show going on in the centre with refreshments and information about Astrology/Astronomy
I got to see and learn a fair amount of stuff, including viewing the stars and got to see one of the brightest Satelites in the sky.
Through the telescope i got to see:
The Sun & The Moon & Saturn & Mars & Venus
And i have to say it was amazing, but not the same experience as i had when i first experienced seeing Jupiter through the telescope.

This is a picture of the view from the hill that we had set up the gear.
I had binoculars with me also that night, so i could see right to the top of the hills - which as you can tell judging by the picture are far far away! And indeed they are, My uncle was telling me how they were setting up the night before taking pictures and star gazing with telescopes etc. Beautiful isnt it?I tell you, i would love a house with a view as gorgeous as this or even of the sea! i would be in heaven, i can assure you ;)

after a while we were not the only people with a Telescope set up...

Then a few more people came - unfortunatly i took the picture at the same place, i couldnt find anything clear enough with some more people around

This is a picture of my uncle andy talking to someone about Astronomy and the stars etc.

This is a picture that i took that night of the Moon, with Venus shining below it just above the trees, it was not as good as the other pictures i took a couple of nights before, but it is as good as.

You need to click the image to make it full screen as you cant see venus very well what with being so close to the tree, and where the moon is higher up from the day i first started to take pictures
But i took the picture because i wasnt sure of what the bright shiny star was to show my Uncle Andy as he would know what it was, when i could had really looked at the software.

The software that we use is Stellarium - this is planterium software that shows you exactly where the planets are at the moment, how the stars are set out in the sky - and it is updated fairly often in the day to show you exactly how it is looking 'up there'
I use this alot - just checking out where things are, how things look at night especially where i cant see from one night to the next.

And this image here is a close up (well as close as i could get) that day.
This is the Waxing Cresent Moon 
I believe i heard that day that the moon was actually '3 days old'
Gorgeous, isnt it?
I took this picture, and the ones before this one with my Hitachi 10mp camera, i only had a 3x optical zoom!
But still, for a compact camera i did pretty well, or at least i thought have! :)

Or better yet, this is the most recent picture i have taken of the 'sky'
This is the Moon (obviously)
I took this on the 22nd April, with my new Fuji s5700 Digital camera, similar to the DSLR camera, but not as quite as many features as a DSLR.
I bought this camera during the week of Ebay
(gotta love that site) It has a 7.01mp and 10x Opitcal Zoom... Not bad Eh?


It's Such A Perfect Day...

And i am glad i am feeling so much better than i did yesterday!!!
Yesterday i had a god awful headache and i was sick aswel.. NO fun!

I have not got much to update, except i am feeling bit down in the dumps and bit annoyed about 'Pathways' which is this course thing i HAVE to do on ESA - I emailed the woman i saw to let her know what was going on with Ectopic Pregnancy when i first had the injections on the 26th Feb, and i never had a response, i believe the only letter i had was telling me i missed it - and i am sure i never had another appointment gave to me? or even if i did i wouldnt had got it on time, or i was in hospital.. it wasnt my fault. i told her at the time i prefered to be contacted via email or text - there was nothing stopping her telling me there was a letter on the way, or even better send me a copy of the bloody letter via email!
and yet I am now in trouble (i think) for it but i have no idea why.. i had my money stopped for about 2 months between feb & 2 weeks ago and i assumed that i was on the appeal and that i wasnt being seen etc. or i wasnt involved in pathways no more as i never heard from the woman again despite emailing her.. and then out of the blue i find out she has been ringing me and i bloody missed 'em because they've rung me up on with held (which i dont answer thanks to a complete idiot you know who you are) or my phone was off because again of the idiot!
I just dont understand why all this crap happens to me, nothing is ever easy, nothing is ever simple anymore! and i had gone onto ESA for extra support into getting me back into work safely after the problems i have had over the years with people & my mental health.. and yet after the phone call with her yesterday i felt kinda upset, and disapointed when i tried to explain what had happened i had the attitude:
"well its not me its effecting"
..I mean talk about bloody rude! she knew i have my phone on silent because its easier for me, and she knew i rather be texted than phoned or emailed - so why did she choose to ignore me and ring my mobile instead, i will never know!

Still.. least i got my sick note sent in, i just dont have a clue whatsoever on what to do about her and the course anymore!
I am still waiting to find out if i am gonna be able to get on to this STEPPS programme with the Bedale Centre which is a course enabled for people in need of better coping mechanisms etc.
But then again i have not actually seen him since poss beginning Feb...?
- again that was due to the Ectopic Pregnancy and being in and out of hospital for Blood Tests, Scans, Examinations etc.

Still.. only time will tell i guess..

Saturday, April 17

Ohhhhh.... Its Been A While... ;)

Hehe i just love that part from scary movie with her "afro bush" lol

Well, it has been a while since i have written to any of my blogs, and well i stopped to try and see if it stops people interfering, and funnily enough since i have not written anything to it i have had no idiots causing hassle.. so maybe NOW i can continue to write my blog without the problems that they've caused from it!

Nothing much has changed in the last few weeks, except still trying to start to get over the operation, which i am not getting out properly... i dont want it to be an ongoing thing, but i guess i just think:
"im 22, in a way i have half my reproductive system... am i 'normal' etc."

On the upside (i think) I have bought myself alot of stuff on ebay... items such as:
I have not done too bad, considering i have been selling too...!

Got my new bras today, including one of my dvds and my hair straightners, so i am trying out all those before i go out tonight,
oh yeh main reason for why i am writing this lol - i am going out tonight with my uncle, to do star gazing! =) - but this time i am going with him to an event in Guildford ...!!!
I have been out before with my uncle, but that was in September time..? - i am waiting on getting a telescope through him too...
I have been taking images of Venus Thursday night and i took picture of the Moon & Venus last night... my camera is a standard compact 10mp camera with 3x optical zoom!
(I bought myself a new one with 7mp and 10x optical zoom!...so i will be able to get better images hopefully)

Here is an image of the moon i took with venus shining below it:

I am hoping to get some new pictures tonight, as my uncle will be showing me just how i can take better images - not that it matters, but it be useful when i sell my camera i have now to make up for buying the new one..
Who knows, i might just get some pictures of some Galaxies.. or maybe even Saturn or Mars (as they're out the same time not long after Venus - between approx half 8 and 9pm - which you have to look to the WEST for!!!)

Friday, April 2

Drip Drip Drop Little April Showers...

Nice weather for the ducks they say...

Well i for one LOVE it! i love watching the rain fall down the windows and listening to it when it hits the window ... there is nothing quite relaxing about the rain! =)

...Today i have been thinking loads about ALL the problems thats going on around me, well at least one of them i can sort out which should make things more easier and better for myself.. (hopefully) but then will have to wait and see.
Other thing is what i am going to do about myself... i have pretty much been indoors alot at the moment, due to no moneys *boohoo* was hoping to have had my money on yesterday but nothing,  and nothing again today - talk about unfair! i rung up Monday too.. told me 3 working days, so that would had made it yesterday, but i guess they never bothered to catch up with their "email" meh.. well least i got few things to be sold on Ebay which might make things bit better and help in a small way - hopefully..
Plus the few bits i am selling, i no longer use and just sitting around collecting dust... so least i make little bit monies and also the bits i no longer use are being sent to new and good homes - so thats always a plus plus plus!!
Things really need to change in my life.. but at first i need to desperatly start to get over the Ectopic Pregnancy and try to think positive about it, but it is difficult when i been feeling strange about myself for the last few days, just silly little things.. but it doesnt help i aint really seen my mental health counciler person Kevin! i missed two of his appointments in March first being the Methotrexate injection and the second being i was in pissing hospital.. but unfortantly none of them could be avoided but i should had really rung up 2 weeks ago when i got out of the hospital so i had the appointment ready - but as usual for me i dont think of things like that that far ahead - oops!