Monday, October 1

What A Lovely Day

Today I finally got to spend some time with my Godson.. I've not seen him or my friend since the beginning of May 2012..
Cannot get over how big he is, same with the girls.. They've grown up so so much over the last few months, but I need to try and see them so much more because they keep forgetting about me and it kinda sucks!!

Spent the best part of today admiring wedding dresses and talking about the wedding next year, been looking at bridesmaid dresses for me - but its hard when I have a weird body shape :/
Looking forward to trying to find something though lol

Going to have an early night tonight I think though, as last night I stayed up till gone 5am and woke up around 9 to let the cat out to find it was raining.. I love the rain :)
Looking forward to seeing my sister this week now, but not looking forward to going to the doctors lol
But then, who does look forward to seeing a doctor :/