Sunday, April 28

You Learn Something New Every Day..

I was sitting here thinking to myself about the best/quickest possible way of accessing some squared paper, on a Sunday afternoon, and have no way of getting to town to obtain it.

So, I thought I would see if there was a way to print squared paper out.. I didn't know if this was possible, so I googled it, only to find that the image search was NOT helpful at all, although it did offer some kinds of squared paper to print, but wasn't really what I was looking for.
But, I found a website that enables you to print out squared paper, in a range of sizes..
2x2 or 3x3 or 4x4 etc.
How cool is that!?
Sorry, but I just had to share, I am a little whacky and strange like that!!

But at least now, I can design my own cross stitch layouts for me to make! Now that's a plus

Thursday, March 28

Its About Bloody Time....

Welll.... I wrote to my blog in August 2012 about having treatment done for my first abnormal smear that I had done in May 2012.. I hadn't said anything about it since, but I had been bleeding pretty much since I had the Colposcopy done in July 2012.. (I had my period in June)
Left it for a while thinking it was "normal" and went back to the doctor end of August beginning of September, was treated for an infection (precautionary) and was given some meds called Tranexamic Acid for "heavy bleeding" well, that didn't work, so another month later, I went back and said I am still bleeding, something isn't right, so they gave me some blood tests!!
Bloods came back "normal" except my hormone levels were slightly high - nothing was done about it, but said it cant be normal, I am STILL bleeding, to which they decided to send me off for some scans, had the appointment in November, asked if there was anything the lady who did the scan could tell me to put my mind at ease, and all she said was "the lining is a little thick" which was odd, especially since I had been bleeding 3-4 days prior... But I got the results back and again everything was normal.. But again, I said how is it normal when I am still bleeding, at this point I asked if it was possible I could have Endometriosis, but she said she wasn't sure, but is going to send me to the hospital for further checks before ruling anything else out.. Just after Christmas I got a letter stating that I needed to ring the hospital to make an appointment, which I did, but the earliest they could get me in was February 2013!! So I took it.
At my appointment, I told the Gynecologist everything she needed to know, including having the Ectopic Pregnancy in March 2010, the amount of bleeding I had etc.
She decided that she wanted to give me a Hysteroscopy there and then. But first she needed to take some swabs, but she said as soon as she touched me I started again, and decided that doing the smear and swabs wouldn't be a good idea.. And seeing as how I was so uncomfortable with the spectulam in she decided it would be a better idea to get me to sleep to do it!! She decided that she would get the Hysteroscopy, my follow up Colposcopy  a Smear including the Endometrial Biopsy all at the same time. And offered to fit the coil, but I said I would think about it before saying yes.. Talked to a couple of people about it and decided that it would be the best thing to do, because it may work quicker than any medications and hormone tablets etc. So I agreed on the day that she could fit it. They also done a D&C whilst I was under, but am confused because IF I had one, why did I bleed after the procedure and for the few days afterwards - confusing..
But, today, just over 5 weeks later, I have got the results of my Smear - which is ALL CLEAR NO MORE ABNORMAL CELLS.. I don't need to go back now for another 3 years *yay* and my Endometrial Biopsy came back as Simple Glandular Hyperplasia which is Benign! From what I read, I can gather it is an over growth of the cells in the womb lining.. And the hospital have advised that they thing the coil will help treat this, and then it suddenly dawned me, course it would help lol the coil slowly releases hormones!!!!!

Shame its taken almost 6 months to find out whats wrong, but I guess, I know now and hopefully, the coil will do its job and WORK

Wednesday, March 20

Handmade Keepsakes & Treasures

I wanted to let you all know about a new page that I have helped set up and made things for.

Its called Keepsakes & Treasures.

Basically, this page is for handmade keepsakes and treasures, they are made for everyone
(Babies, Children, Adults)
Also includes memorial items for memory boxes in memory of Angels & more!

I bought some clay and moulds and cutters etc. to use to make things out of to make for people who are grieving, and to help bring some people some peace.

Also, I hoped that I could make things that mean more than some silly graphics that I spend hours at a time usually making and never get nothing in return - not that I ask for anything, but something more than:
"Thank You, Saved" or "Thanks" or "Saved"

Just makes me feel sad, because I feel that what I have made isn't good enough, and no one seems to show any appreciation anymore :(

Hopefully, this will bring people happiness and appreciate these a little more.
Especially since I have found that there aren't many sites that make and personalize items like this for you in the UK, I have found that many of them, especially on facebook are in the United States!
Which means you're paying a little more for the item including a lot more on postage!

With a bit of luck, I can help change that!!

If you are reading this, and are interested please come and find them here:

Saturday, February 2

One Proud Sister Right About Now...

On the 2nd February 2013, at 13:23 my sister, Becci gave birth to her gorgeous baby boy, Jack. He weighed 7lb 15oz!
He was due on the 27th January, but didn't really want to come out - don't blame him in all honesty the weather here has been pants, what with the rain and the snow and just generally being cold.. I would've avoided it too!!

I am soo happy right about now, and so proud of my sister for being brave and bringing my gorgeous nephew into the world

Saturday, January 26

Peugeot 208 Advert

I don't know about you, but I feel this advert is just a little mean and insensitive..
Especially showing at the beginning a sad man called Gary, whom has lost his cat, and asks for help.. Because no one knows him or anything about his kitty, they turn around and say
"don't worry about it then, forget about things that don't affect you"

I think its a bit of a mean way to start an advert to be honest.