Saturday, June 30

How Annoying..

I am getting annoyed with people..

Everytime I come back to check my blog as I feel like writing, I have to report various comment's as SPAM because plebs keep leaving silly comments that have nothing to do with my blog itself..

Why do people feel the need to do that.. No one is going to be interested in their crappy site where the people whom go to look to see what they're talking about then get bombarded with pop-up's or maybe even virus'

Monday, June 18

I am a happy little bunny today..

Today, I finally worked out HOW to install Paint Shop Pro on Linux - Ubuntu.
I set up a little blog page about it and how I installed Paint Shop Pro 8 for other people on Linux whom are also struggling with not having the program available on Linux.
The downside is that I have been working in Paintshop Pro X2.. Which means ALL the stuff I have done before will no longer work :(
But at least NOW anything I do in the future can be saved properly on PSP 8.
ALSO, I now have Antenna, a website designing software on my laptop so I can get back into doing that and design a website that I have been working on for a little while..

Its nice to feel a little good about myself, even though I have a lot on my mind at the moment..

Be glad when there is more sun available, as the last few weeks have been awful with winds and rain.. No fun. Plus, the weather has killed some of the seeds that have been sown..
Seems the only thing that's able to grow is Weeds & Potatoes..

Still.. Better than nothing.

Tuesday, June 12

My blog..

I have been on my overview of all my blogs today, and I noticed that one of my blogs, Life After My Ectopic Pregnancy has reached over 10,000 view's in the 2 years I've been running it.
This blog, Miss-Sammii has been running for a little while longer, and I've only just hit the 8,000 mark..

It's pretty strange to me because I don't really share my blogs with anyone or even have links to these blogs anywhere at the moment..
Before, I used to have links to this blog between various social networking sites or even various free sites that I make up on Webs or Weebly..

For me to see this is a pretty strange feeling, I've never experienced anything like this before, normally I feel my websites/blogs etc. go unnoticed and it now seems they really don't.
It would be nicer if I knew how many people came back, but I guess that's something I will have to live with.

I think now that I have seen just how many people look at my various blogs a day I should add more to them and make it more active. So this is now going to be my plan from now on.

The blog I have been talking about is here: