Thursday, August 16

I Am Impressed With Myself

So, tonight I have been playing around with Paint Shop Pro X2 after finding a really crappy poorly explained video to make a brush!

So tonight, I had a play around with an image I have of Elvis Presley, and turned him into a brush!
I was so impressed with myself, that I did it again and print screening as I went along and made myself a tutorial - this is something I have never thought of doing before, but thought I would give it a go.
After making my first Brush, Tutorial I then went on to make my first set of Word Art!

I am kinda impressed with myself, especially if it IS basic.. But I am learning more things as I progress!

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Monday, August 6

Chinese Gender Chart..

I found various of sites offering a Chinese Gender Chart .. So I thought I would try it out with my sisters due date and birthday.. To see what it will come up with..

I did it on about 6 different sites and they all say Boy...

But, these tests are for fun and are around 50% accurate - obviously!!
Found out some history on it too, it was quite interesting to read about it too!

For now, I think we should just leave it and wait till September and hopefully my sister will find out what she is having when she has her 20 week scan!
Exciting stuff!

Gonna see if I can find out some more info with the old wives tales.. Hmm..

Thursday, August 2

Do I Or Don't I ... That Is The Question...

I keep seeing many other graphic designers talk about having blogs, sharing tutorials on their blogs and more..
Keep wondering if it is worth me giving it a go and seeing if I can expand a little more..?
With my graphics, I have been teaching myself and editing myself without help from anyone or tutorials anymore, everything I do I picked up over the last 7 years +

I love graphics, I love designing them too.. But I am not sure if I have got what it takes like the other designers..
But I suppose the one way I will find out is to take the plunge......Right??

Wednesday, August 1

Still Waiting..

HOW long does it take for the hospital to write to you.. Apparently it takes FOREVER - or what it feels like at least lol
Its been almost 4 weeks since I had my treatment and I was told between 3 and 4 weeks

Really worrying about these results more and more as the days pass.. I am hoping they got it all, but I am preparing myself for the worst - which is all I can do??

Hopefully I will hear by the end of this week, if not I am straight on the phone to them Next Monday!!

Keeping my fingers crossed though!