Friday, April 8


These are just some of the tadpoles that were found in the garden pond.
I took loads of other pictures, but have only uploaded this image to

I have to say, although one year we had a masses amount of frogs 'making love' in an old turtle sandpit we had when were younger, well really when my brother was younger lol
We don't really know HOW it happened.. apart from the fact that it clearly didn't wasnt shut properly the rain got in and then the masses amounts of frogs came! lol

Annoying thing is, is that i dont remember exactly what happened to the frogspawn and the tadpoles it would had became..

What a gorgeous few days it has been..

I have to say i am quite impressed with the weather at the moment..

Last couple of days have been pretty nice, sunny but not too hot with a nice cool breeze flowing in through the windows.
I have been outside in the garden the last couple of days enjoying it.. not sunbathing, but just enjoying it.

Really, i have to admit i LOVE the rain, and would rather sit outside in a rain storm .. yes a rain storm!!
But it has been pretty neat.

Hopefully it will stay like this for a couple of days as i can then get out in the garden and take more pictures of the wildlife and plants etc.
Yesterday, i managed to get some amazing pictures of tadpoles, really wish i could've bought them home! but dont have anywhere to keep them really!!

Although, i could had made up a fish tank, then i could study them and learn how to they grow into frogs, now that would've been a cool idea!
Maybe i should do that next year?
Hopefully, we'll have a pond by then, so can keep them in garden but i would also like to have a tank to keep them in indoors so i can watch them grow... cool? i think so!!!

Friday, April 1

Don't Like What You See? Then Don't Look

Some people are just so rude..

So what I aint much to look at, do you really think I care? Funny how the ones who call me names aint much themselves.. i guess putting others down makes your crappy existance better to yourself, eh?

Put me down all you like..

I Don't Care Anymore