Tuesday, May 22

Feeling Hot.. Hot.. Hot!!

Woah.. What a bloody day!!

I cannot get over how HOT it was out there today, I seriously thought and felt at one point that I was melting! Cannot get over it.. Soo awful
But, one good things came out of it as such, because I attempted to use a lawn mower today  =O
It was a little hard work, and it was awkward to use but I did the best I could.. So I was chuffed because at least I tried =)

Afterwards, I took a few pictures of the flowers/weeds growing in the garden.. We planted some vegetables and stuff in the ground a few weeks ago, but because of the amount of rain we've experienced we think they drowned =(
We lost those, but we do have some potted up and ready to plant, which isn't so bad I guess.. But a lot has been drowned, poor little seedlings..

Watched my other half rotovate the ground a little so he could plant some potatoes in the ground which is fun, I even took pictures of that.. They look well cool the way they look like they've been "frozen in time" hehe
Down side is that he hit a baby slow worm =( I picked it up with a bit of a dead daffodil to investigate, and it's tongue was still coming in and out.. So that was a good sign!
Got it wet to try and bring it out of shock and checked a few hours later, and it was gone.. So glad that it's ok though.. Poor lil thing!
It was diddy..

On another note, there seems to be another seagull in the same spot as there was one 2 years ago, so with a bit of luck in a few months time we may see some baby seagulls again - YAY

Been a lovely day, even though I felt was melting..

Monday 21st May

Yesterday I met my mum in town, so we could do a little shopping for my late birthday present =)

I used some money from my other half to buy myself a nice new dress and a pair of new sunglasses as mine got broken =(
They're well cool, they've got butterflies on =)

I got a new dress, 2 new tops and 2 new pairs of leggings.. ALL in my favorite colour: BLUE!!!

Sooo chuffed with them all, they will all go with each other!

I had a lovely time, the only thing that spoilt it was my trip up the doctors ;)
Because now I am 25 I've had to have my Cervical Screening Test done.. BOOHOO!! It wasn't as bad as I thought especially as I knew what to expect with the speculum as I had one used when I had the ectopic 2 years ago. I didn't know what to expect really from having this done as I've never had it and no one has ever spoke to me about it and no one gave me a proper explination!
If anyone is due to have one, I would advise going.. There is nothing to be afraid of, I know, because I did it.. Didn't think I would, but I did =)

I then went back to a couple of shops and spent a little bit more money, and then we went into the pub in the town called Hatters.. Where we had a drink and a natter, whilst I was coughing to death from my cold, and sneezing and blowing my nose - soo embarrassing!!
But it was nice to see my brother for a little while.. Even though he was supposed to give me something for my birthday.. I now have to wait till next week! Ruined my chances of getting 2 pitchers for £10 in Hatters!
Even so, I had a good evening..

Chilled out with my cat and other half watching a bit of telly.. Watched the last episode of the season for Two and A Half Men.. Had to wipe back a tear, but I am soooo glad they're back in the Autumn (Fall) with their new season.. Season 10 I do believe

*** YAAAY ***

Monday, May 21

Rest In Peace x

Tonight, I've learnt that Robin Gibb from The BeeGee's has passed away, from Liver and Colon Cancer.. I've kind of been following his story on the internet news sites reading about it.

Donna Summer, also passed away just 3 days ago, also from Lung Cancer..

Here are a couple of my favourite BeeGee's songs..:

You Win Again:

Celine Dion Feat. Bee Gees - Immortality

I don't know much Donna Summer music, except for this one:

Hot Stuff

Rest In Peace Robin & Donna

Sunday, May 20

My Mum & Sister Are Fundraising For Cancer Research UK

My mum & sister are doing race for life this year, she did not do it last year.. But did it 2010

I was going to do it too, but I changed my mind because I don't think I'd be able to do it as I have problems with my knees and I find it hard walking sometimes!
May have to do it next year if my mum & sister do it again next year

Sara Osman is fundraising for Cancer Research UK

Good Luck

Changes = Bad

Well, After not being around properly in almost a year, I've noticed there have been a lot of changes and I am not sure I like it..

But I guess I need to get back into blog writing again before I can truly decide if I like it or not.

Strange how everything's changed drastically over a few months!!

Not sure WHY everyone tries to "fix" things when they're not exactly broken :\

Oops.. It's been a while... Again!!

I cannot believe that I haven't written to my blog, again for a while!
Really need to try and keep up to date with this!!

Not a lot has happened thought lately, but I have got back into making graphics, again which is kinda cool..
Also, I've become a GodMother to my best friend's baby boy :)
It's pretty amazing..