Thursday, September 27

I Love The British Weather..

It just keeps raining..

I love the smell, I love the sounds, I love watching it fall down my window... Ok there isn't really anything I hate about it lol
One thing I do not like, is thunderstorms!! Even though I happily sat outside a friends house in Seaford, East Sussex watching a massive lightning storm out at sea - I am still scared :/
That day is something I will probably never experience again.. And what is worse is that I was unable to record it that day.. My phone was flat and my camera needed batteries :(
Best way to describe it was like a massive firework display.. But of lightning lol
Scary bit was when it looked like a fork of lightning was about to hit a ferry coming out of Newhaven Harbour..

Last night was one of those nights that made me unhappy, because a flash of lightning come and then a rumble of thunder :(

I really need to learn how to photograph the clouds properly with my Kodak Z1015s camera.. Either that or edit these kind of photographs in Paint Shop Pro..
Loves my fluffy clouds I do..

Thursday, September 13

The Most Amazing News.... EVER!!

So, last week (7th September 2012) I got to find out what my sister is having, and I am happy to say that she is having a boy :)
Which kinda means that the Chinese Gender Chart was correct - because all the different charts I played around with ALL said BOY!!!

I am looking forward to 2013 even more :D

Can't believe I am going to have a Nephew! =')

its a boy